Understanding Various Types Of Window Blinds


Well, a home or office environment needs to be kept neat and aesthetically appealing. One of the best option to achieve this is a perfect window dressing. Window blinds have been a perfect option for most people throughout the years. On the other hands, the manufacturers keep on making them better and better. If you are looking for a perfect solution for your window, Bills Blinds Glasgow offers perfect styles both for home and office. Now, allow me to take you through the various popular window blinds for your understanding.

Types of window blinds you should know

The roller blinds

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdRoller blinds are doubtless the most popular types of blinds and can be used either at home or in the office. They are also common in yoga and other physical exercise rooms. This level of versatility gives them a good reputation among the window blinds. Commonly, they are made of plastic material which is durable. If you prefer colors for your house or office, then you are lucky as roller blinds can also be found in an array of colors. They are custom made to fit your windows perfectly.

Vertical blinds

The track blinds as they are also known have their slats running up down and attached. If you have rooms with sliding doors and windows, then this is the perfect solution for you. They are also perfect for rooms with windows running from end to, and their beauty cannot be equated with any other design. The vertical blinds can be made of different material like plastic, aluminum or even stiffened fabric. They can also come in different colors and design to compliment your theme.

Venetian blinds

fdgdfgfdgfdgfdThe Venetian style blinds are far too common with people who love privacy at the highest level. The diagonal angle ensures maximum lights penetration without compromising on the privacy for people. They can be made of wood, faux or aluminum which means style and durability to the highest level. They also come in an array of attractive colors and customized sizes. Be sure to use a professional to design this for you for smooth functioning as you pull the blinds.

The Roman blinds

Another popular window blinds style used in most homes and offices. People would confuse this to roller blinds as they are designed the same. However, the Roman blinds have a light covering mostly patterned to give a Roman theme and will only roll up to a certain level. They are equally good and comes in different designs.

When To Replace Your Windows


Probably the last time you replaced your windows is a decade away. And the question when is the right time to a replacement keeps running your mind. This article will give you signs that should lead to the store to get pieces of new windows.

Replace your windows

Do not like the way your windows look

sadxdThis is the very first sign. If you are not comfortable with the way your windows look like, then it’s an indication that you should get a new look. You will notice things like soft woods, water leakage, and other types of decay from your window. With all the above signs you should have your windows replaced. At other times, you will realize that the windows are the ones left old after you have had a new renovation for the whole house. If the windows do not match the new home look, please replace them.

Higher utility bills

Yes, old windows could increase some of your monthly bills, read on to find which ones. If you notice an increase in cooling and heating bills, then it is wise you have your windows replaced. This means that the windows hence not performing the insulation job well. It might be costly replacing the windows, but it will save you large amounts in the long run. Opt for windows with two panes for a better result. As said above it will be costly but note that this is something done after a while.

Noisy home

qwsdfsdWith good windows, outside noise never gets in the house. If recently you have heard noises from outside, then consider window replacement. If all of a sudden you are getting bothered by noise from neighbors, traffic noise do not look for any other solution, it is all as result of old windows. Double paned windows are good at making your home calm without any outside disturbances. To make them more soundproof, have them sealed.