Main Types Of Lawn Mowers


A well-kept lawn has the effect of making your home attractive and comfortable. To make the yard what you have always wanted it to be, you need to invest some time and resources. Besides general landscaping practices like mulching, putting fertilizers, and balancing the PH, you also need a lawn mower. You need to have the best lawn mower to achieve your objective of having an attractive lawn. That said, here are some lawnmowers to look at when shopping for one.

Push reel mowers

These lawn mowers are known for their lightweight, quietness ASdAsDQdsand minimal maintenance. They are considered to be environmentally friendly considering that they do not use fuel. These mowers employ a scissor-like cutting action to trim the grass. The only downside is that they require significant effort to push. As such, this does make them perfect for small lawns.

Powered rotary mowers

Powered rotary mowers are classified based on their source of fuel. There are two main types of rotary mowers; gas and electric powered mowers. These mowers are ideal for large application. Moreover, there are perfect for cutting grasses like bluegrass that do not need to be cut shorter than two inches. Of the two has powered units tend to noisier than their electric counterparts. Go for an electric rotary mower, if you do not want to keep disturbing those around when mowing.

Mulching mower

Mulching mowers are great if you want to trim and mulch at the same time. This type of lawn mower achieves this by cutting the clippings into very small amounts and distribute them into the lawn as you continue mowing. The only difference between these types of lawnmowers and standard ones is that its clippings decompose faster owing to their small size.

Self-propelled mower

AESdAQSADeAs the name suggests, this mower does the job for you. The self-propelled mower is appropriate for people living in hilly terrains. These mowers have a drive system and a gear mechanism that makes the mower wheels to rotate. Thus, you do not have to use a lot of power as the mower propels itself once the drive starts running.

The riding lawn mower

This mower is meant for large applications. As such, if you have a big garden, probably close to an acre in size, this would the best option to go for. However, you also need to look at the deck before purchasing. If the lawn is somehow uneven with some plants you would want to avoid, go for a unit with a narrow deck for easy navigation.