Landscaping Tips for Small Gardens

You’ve always had a dream of having a garden in your backyard. But what if your backyard is small, and it can barely fit the garden that you’ve always fantasized about? You shouldn’t settle with grass floors and a regular bench just yet. With the right tools that are a great choice for gardening, you can still maximize the potential of your small yard. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Grow your plants vertically

You can’t expand the perimeters of your yard horizontally, so you need to push through the other way. Create a more three-dimensional look by planting small trees that grow past your backyard fence. A few great choices would be bamboos, a crepe myrtle or palm trees. Add a few pottery plants and attach it to the fencing walls to avoid overcrowding. Your yard won’t only look wider and spacious, but also higher.

Build foundations

A great way to add more space to a yard is to add a small porch-like area. You can divide the yard into equal halves. Maximize one-half of the yard for all the plants to create the garden of your dreams. And on the other half, you can build another story by building a foundation, so people would have to step up to get on to it. There, you can place simple outdoor furniture and a few pottery plants. It’s like your small yard has two different rooms now.

Use focal points

Making use of focal points are key to creating the illusion of a bigger garden. You can place one specific thing in one specific area that people will focus on, and then accessorize the sides. It can be a small fish pond, with river rocks surrounding it and then tons of plants. Or it can be one beautiful fountain, with terrain on the corners of your yard and an outdoor loveseat benchmark. It depends on what you like. You just need to choose your focus and decorate the surroundings.

Place furniture in corners

Another way to make your dream garden is to ensure that your outdoor furniture won’t be in the way. Placing furniture in the middle of a small space can easily make it look crowded, especially if a garden of plants is to surround it. We recommend placing outdoor items of furniture, such as sunbeds or outdoor lounge chairs in the corners. That way, people can relax there while overlooking the whole garden.