Tips for selecting pest control exterminator

This year, the flu season has been delayed due to the weather. The cold season does not give good conditions for the pest to thrive. Pest requires warm and moist or damp places. One way to keep the flu out is keeping the pests out. There are two extremely contagious Pests that are quite difficult to stay out of most homes and want to get rid of them look for pest control los angeles.

Kinds of pest


bdhkwgugwuDid you know that Cockroaches have a very hard shell that protects its inner organs and carries are very hard? To detect because they are usually active at night and are generally hard to kill.These small creatures can be very infectious; from their droppings on food to their bites and the manifestation of these creatures in a house can can cause a big problem. Influenza can be transmitted from animal to human and vice versa.


We all know that mice are filthy and carry the deadliest of diseases. Their bite being the most infectious transmits a disease called the rat bite fever which in some cases is usually mistaken for influenza because of symptoms such as high fever, headaches and muscle pains.

Prevention of pest

For cockroaches, use insecticides to kill cockroaches but also keep the kitchen clean.Do not leave any container containing food opened at night.You may also block all sewer systems that come into the house.Do not leave the garbage tin opened.

For mice, use trap use poisoned food to attract them and make sure they don’t hide in unreachable spots or there will be a foul smell.Do not try and chase a mouse because they are very fast and in other cases could jump on you.Make sure you wash your hands before going to bed to avoid attracting them to chew off your nails.

Make sure you have a tidy and clean house at all times

Do not leave the kitchen sink with water or water dripping after you have set poisoned food for the rats. Water helps the mice and prevents death from the tainted food. Do not eat meat that is infected with the flu.

To Exterminate pests in your home, there are certain things that one needs to look out for when choosing a pest exterminator. It is important to note that ones your home is infested with these pests it becomes crucial to get the help of a qualified exterminator to help you out. The following are some tips for selecting pest control exterminator;

Prepare a questionnaire that you will use

It is very important that you ask the pest exterminator pertinent questions that will enable you to find out if the person is right for the job. Some of the questions that you can ask include;

  • How long he has been in business
  • Ask them for a list of references
  • It is also important to ask them for their pest control license

Chemical/Product used

33bdkjThis is a crucial part in determining the right pest control exterminator. Earlier people used to go for pest control experts who use chemical products as they were known to work well. However, It is important to note that most chemical products have chemicals that can be harmful long after they have been applied. Therefore it is important to ask them the kind of product they use as this will determine their safety record.

Do they have an insurance cover

What happens in case there is any damage to your house? Will the pest exterminators insurance cover you? This is an important question that you need to ask.