Main Types Of Lawn Mowers


A well-kept lawn has the effect of making your home attractive and comfortable. To make the yard what you have always wanted it to be, you need to invest some time and resources. Besides general landscaping practices like mulching, putting fertilizers, and balancing the PH, you also need a lawn mower. You need to have the best lawn mower to achieve your objective of having an attractive lawn. That said, here are some lawnmowers to look at when shopping for one.

Push reel mowers

These lawn mowers are known for their lightweight, quietness ASdAsDQdsand minimal maintenance. They are considered to be environmentally friendly considering that they do not use fuel. These mowers employ a scissor-like cutting action to trim the grass. The only downside is that they require significant effort to push. As such, this does make them perfect for small lawns.

Powered rotary mowers

Powered rotary mowers are classified based on their source of fuel. There are two main types of rotary mowers; gas and electric powered mowers. These mowers are ideal for large application. Moreover, there are perfect for cutting grasses like bluegrass that do not need to be cut shorter than two inches. Of the two has powered units tend to noisier than their electric counterparts. Go for an electric rotary mower, if you do not want to keep disturbing those around when mowing.

Mulching mower

Mulching mowers are great if you want to trim and mulch at the same time. This type of lawn mower achieves this by cutting the clippings into very small amounts and distribute them into the lawn as you continue mowing. The only difference between these types of lawnmowers and standard ones is that its clippings decompose faster owing to their small size.

Self-propelled mower

AESdAQSADeAs the name suggests, this mower does the job for you. The self-propelled mower is appropriate for people living in hilly terrains. These mowers have a drive system and a gear mechanism that makes the mower wheels to rotate. Thus, you do not have to use a lot of power as the mower propels itself once the drive starts running.

The riding lawn mower

This mower is meant for large applications. As such, if you have a big garden, probably close to an acre in size, this would the best option to go for. However, you also need to look at the deck before purchasing. If the lawn is somehow uneven with some plants you would want to avoid, go for a unit with a narrow deck for easy navigation.

Tips on buying a hedge trimmer


A hedge trimmer is an important tool for every gardener. Just like the name suggests, it makes trimming hedges simple compared to using the ordinary shear. The shear has its disadvantages keeping in mind that it is very bulky and it will end up slowing you down. For proper trimming of the hedges, you need to buy the best hedge trimmers 2017. There are several available in the market, and it might be challenging when making a choice.

Choosing a hedge trimmer

Corded or cordless

Before you think of buying a hedge trimmer, determine if you need a corded or a cordless one. We cannot say that one has more advantage over the other. The choice you make will be dependent on factors like the size of your yard. If you have a big yard, consider a gas or battery powered hedge trimmer. The reason is very simple, if your yard is very large, then you will not be able to connect the cord to a source of power. In this case, you are better off with a gas or battery powered hedge trimmer.


Your power needs

Your power needs will determine the hedge trimmer that you are going to buy. For instance, if you want a hedge trimmer for simple tasks like trimming the tips in your garden, then you might not require a very powerful tool. However, if your edges are very thick, then consider buying a hedge trimmer that is capable of doing the job effectively. The power rating is not a problem when it comes to residential hedge trimmers because most of them have the same rating.


When it comes to the weight of the hedge trimmer, many people argue that weight is relative and personal. However, the best option is to choice the lightest hedge trimmer available. A light weight hedge trimmer will make it easy to do the job without putting a lot of strain on your hands by carrying additional weight.


Additional features

Some additional features do not affect the performance of your hedge trimmer, but they are also important when making a choice. Consider some of the features like the level of noise and also protective accessories like ear plugs and eye protection.

Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Landscaping Company


Landscapes are known to improve both the value and looks of a property. In fact, creating landscapes can entice visitors to check your property or business. However, to enjoy benefits of having a great landscape, you need to hire a professional landscaping company.

With the assitg23wedc6ywed7u82ki29stance of landscaping professionals, you can develop appealing and wonderful landscapes. However, the process of hiring professionals is quite expensive. In fact, it can even be worse if you commit common mistakes most homeowners make. Contact our Princeton Location to get assistance as far as finding the right landscaping company is concerned. The following are some of the mistakes you should be aware of:

Common landscaping mistakes

Opting for cheap services

This is a common mistake, which can increase your landscaping budget. The majority of homeowners think that they are saving money by looking for cheap services. However, the reality is that you are getting what you have paid for. Thus, you should not expect to get exceptional standards and high-quality services, which match your needs if you go for cheap service providers. In the end, you may need to hire another landscaping expert to correct the mess created.

Hiring a contractor with no insurance cover

This is another costly mistake most people make when hiring landscaping experts. Some companies do not have appropriate insurance cover. Landscaping involves the use of heavy equipment. In some instances, unexpected accidents do happen, which can damage your property or the neighbor’s property. Thus, when you hire professionals that do not have insurance, you ought to pay for the damages.

Contractors with inadequate equipment

There are timtg2w3edfc2w387du82es when landscaping involves the use of heavy equipment to create amazing landscapes. However, some contractors do not have such machinery and equipment. For the job to be completed, you will need to hire equipment from another contractor. This is bound to be a huge expense on your part.

Companies that provide limited landscaping solutions

Do not work with companies, which provide limited landscaping solutions. There are some, which offer you the right designs for the landscape, but not offering repair and maintenance services. It is important to hire contractors that provide both maintenance and repair services that can be costly.

When you know the above mistakes, you can make good plans to avoid repeating the same mistakes and errors most homeowners make. Ensure you get services that match both your budget and needs. In this way, you will have a wonderful landscape.