Organizing Your Bathroom Storage


A bathroom holds a lot of items even if it has a small space. If you are unable to maintain it in a good state of organization, this can be a recipe for disaster. In fact, Bathrooms and More Store is a huge struggle for most people. You can have it organized and ensure the small space you have needs a plan. You can use the following tips to ensure you have a personalized storage system, which will work in your bathroom.

Take an inventory

You should know tg3wed6y23w7edu28i292what you require in the bathroom. It is a nice opportunity to clean out drawers, wipe out cabinets, and clean or bathroom surfaces. Come up with a list of everything you want to have and categorize them into groups. You should avoid a lot of piles that will lead to accumulation of clutter.

Dirty clothes

You can have somewhere to store your dirty clothes. In fact, laundry is one of the major problems in a bathroom. You are not only changing during shower time, getting ready for work, and changing for bed, but also use washcloths and towels. This means you will need to hang towels to dry and you do not have wet clothes growing mildew. Ensure you have a good place to hang your towels. Moreover, it should have easy access to the hamper for dirty clothes.

Storage of linens

Storing linens is quite easy as long as there are appropriate hangers and dividers in the bathroom. Clothes hangers are necessary for your bathroom linen closet. This is because they can absorb moisture and protect your blankets and sheets from mildew smell.

Vanity units

Buying vatg3we6dy237eu28i29nity units for your bathroom entails attention consideration of functionalities and space. Other than features, designs, quality, and style, you should choose to consider the space available and allow mounting of the vanity. It is advisable to hire a plumber to carry out the installation process. If you have a large bathroom space, you have the freedom to select any given unit from the broad range of options. On the other hand, if budget and space limit you, you can choose for functional and stylish corner vanity unit. The good thing about this is that it is versatile when it comes to utilities and design.

Rather than occupying the complete wall, it can elevate the function of your bathroom corner. Moreover, it can be an addition to the shelves, bigger tubs, and mirrors while providing an adequate countertop space.

Make Your Shower More Enjoyable


People say, and almost everyone agrees that bath is the most relaxing thing that you can do to clean up yourself. But not everyone has the luxury of owning a bathtub and this can create a problem on a day where you need to relax and have a great time in the bathroom.

To solve the problem, read this article and thank it later because it will show you how to make your shower more exciting with doing small and easy changes to your shower room.

Get Hand held Shower Head

showerYou thought that a still shower head that you can not grab and stays mounted on the wall is the best thing because you have both of your hands free and there is less effort in it. But little did you know, Hand held shower heads with hose will change your shower game for the better. Adjusting where you stand and how you position your body to make the water hit a certain spot is too much of a work, imagine if you can take it by your hand and let the pressure of the hot water runs on any part of your body that you want. A small change will go along way with this tips.

Buy waterproof speaker

Singing and dancing in the shower is fun, but not everyone loves to sing and you might worry about what others think of you if they pass the bathroom when you’re singing. However, there is another way to enjoy music while showering and that is with using a waterproof speaker. Imagine showering to your favorite playlist because that must be an amazing experience though it might make your skin wrinkle since you will spend a lot more time in the shower. You do not have to pay a lot of money for a waterproof speaker because there are a lot of cheap ones on the internet that you can try out.

Use Great Smelling Soaps

soapWhen showering especially with hot water, your sense of smelling is going to be more sensitive, and that is a scientific fact that you need to know. Why not spoil your nose with great smelling soaps or even aromatherapy oil that will put you in any mood that you want. Particular smells will make you feel different things, and you can look it up to know which scent that you would wish to have during your shower.